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Recommended Montessori Resources

Montessori Books for Adults

Some favorite parenting books with Montessori alignment

Understanding The Human Being: Importance of The First Three Years

Teach Me to Do it Myself; Montessori Activities for you and your child

Positive discipline for Preschoolers For their Early Years - Raising Children who are Responsible Respectful and Resourceful

The Parenting 5

The Absorbent Mind 

The Montessori Method

Montessori from the Start

Montessori Groups/Resources

Learn more about Montessori from these groups and educators

The Kavanaugh Report

American Montessori Society - has a list of terms that are used daily in Montessori (ex Control of error, Normalization, Practical Life)

Carrots are Orange

Pacific Northwest Montessori Association

Mindfulness books

Books for kids about mindfulness practices

Bee Still

My Mouth is a Volcano

The Hug that got Stuck

Boy and Bear

Peaceful Piggies Meditation

Class Favorite Reading

Some of the books we love to read in class

Big Pumpkin - Prek 1

Mrs. Nelson Is missing - Prek 2

Chica Chica Boom Boom - Toddlers

Where to buy Montessori items

Want to do more at home? Find Montessori items here

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