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From Teacher Lori, Lead Pre-K Teacher

North Tacoma Montessori Center was brought to my attention from my mother-in-law, who happened to be their Bates advisor. I lived in Edmonds, and she would tell me all about this neat school in Tacoma, with a location on Proctor and one opening on 12th St. She told me how they grow their own food, have animals, teachers who are excited to come to work, and an incredibly strong family bond. When it came time to move my then family of 3, I was honored to be asked to join the teaching team at NTMC as a Pre-K Lead Teacher. Joining NTMC has not only been amazing from a career standpoint, but also as a parent - I see the love of education they have brought into my childrens lives.


Both the Proctor and 12th St. locations strive to provide the best environments and experiences for students and their families, with all the teachers working together as one big united NTMC family. All of our teachers are lifelong learners and continue their ongoing education through the year. This group of educators provide the experience and introduction to school that as a parent I love that my children get to be a part of.  They look forward to going to school, and I see what they have learned daily, from songs being sung, to my toddler yelling HOLA at me while doing a yoga down dog pose. As a teacher they have allowed me to bring my all into my classroom and embrace my ideas no matter how wild and exciting they might be. That is a very freeing feeling as a someone who has taught for over 10 years. North Tacoma Montessori is a very special place and I am proud to work here and for my girls to be students here.

Early Achievers Level 3
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