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Our Proctor school has been open since the 1980s and is a staple in the North Tacoma community. Kate Healy-Nieves began working at NTMC in 1988 under then-owner Susan Stromberg, a true fixture in the Montessori community. Upon her passing in 1994, Kate Healy-Nieves took ownership. 

We accept ages 12 months - 12 years at this location.

We are open Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 5:30pm (max 10 hours/day).

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are all provided.


This location is a peanut-free facility.

Click to see our monthly menu.


We provide a mix of Montessori works, outside play and music every day. 

Each age-group has a developmentally appropriate outside space to explore. 

Gardening, Yoga, ASL and Spanish are incorporated into weekly lesson plans.


Gymnastics, Soccer and Kindermusik are all available during school hours with an extra fee.

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I did not know 13 years ago that I was applying for something more than just a job. I was applying for a job as well as... an extended family. In the 13 years of working for this company, that is what this company has become to me. My coworkers have lifted me up and helped me through the professional and personal hiccups that life has thrown at me. They have encouraged and helped me to further my professional education. They have helped me raise my littles as if they were their own. Everyone needs a village, and NTMC is mine. 

I feel like NTMC embraces and encourages the uniqueness of every teacher. North Tacoma Montessori understands that everyone has their own strengths that we can use to help and support each other with. 

I am enormously proud to say I work with some incredibly talented, caring, and passionate people. 

Lisa Wall

Employee of 13 years and mom of two kids who were in the toddler room, preschool room, and are now schoolagers. 

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